Green design, permaculture principles, loving living spaces.

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New Earth Design Studio

  • new earth initiatives
  • local projects with green inspiration
  • creative ventures

Here are a some of our fledgling  initiatives, the most recent of which has been selected as a featured project in the World Design Capital Cape Town 2014.

Read more about NEDS here.

New Earth Architecture

  • Green design
  • Permaculture principles
  • Loving living spaces.

Through green design we are inspired to support conscious lifestyles which respect the earth and all her inhabitants. We design for the health and well being of all, to achieve globally, locally and individually appropriate design solutions for twenty first century living.

wetlands house site board


Read more about NEA here.

New Earth Energy

  • Passive and low energy architecture
  • green design for thermal comfort, health and wellbeing

Passive and low energy architecture

We offer a green design and energy efficiency service for new homes and the upgrading of existing homes.

We assist with SANS 10400 XA compliance for residential buildings, both for the ‘prescriptive route’ compliance or ‘rational design reference building route’ compliance.

Read more about NEE here.

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