We design, construct and deliver customised upcycled shipping containers.

  • customised to our clients needs; we take on your needs, ideas and budget, mix in architectural design and produce the perfect ‘container’ for your purposes
  • modifying and beautifying decomissioned shipping containers, with design enhancement, insulation and shading these ‘boxes’ are transformed into comfortable, versatile, beautiful spaces
  • green design; we design for thermal comfort, use upcylced and recycled materials, install solar energy
  • we offer permanent or temporary structures to house your event / exhibition / community venue / pop up stall / home

Our new earth pods have been recognised in the official programme of the World Design Capital Cape Town 2014    # WDC366

These multi purpose mobile pods will be temporary structures clad with a variety of  sustainable, ‘waste’ or recycled materials and off grid with solar panels and deep cycle batteries. They are delivered by flatbed trucks, supported on simple concrete pads, and the structure assembled on site.

Designed to house a range of activities from coffee bars to spaza shops, info kiosks to art galleries, we are researching locations for the pods which will uphold the concept of ‘bridging communities’, these locations may be urban parks, transport hubs or city squares.

After the 2014 World Design Capital, these can be gifted for re-use in local communities as internet hubs, libraries, clinics etc.

Fittja Sound Installation, Fittja, Stockholm, Sweeden

New Earth Architecture were invited to design a ‘new earth pod’ to house a music installation by the talented guitar maestro, Derek Gripper. Hosted by the Swedish arts council and initiated by arts facilitator Joanna Sandell, this project is in the inception stages. It will be situated in Fittja a suburb of Stockholm which houses most of the cities immigrant population.